tiistai 22. helmikuuta 2011

hello again, again

hello again, i was gone for a while because of schoolwork, but i wont go deeper into that subject.
I started Playing diablo II: Lord of Destruction again, and i think it gets better the more you play it
 Can't wait for diablo III, and damn you blizzard for taking my soul!
Question of the day : do you still have your soul?

maanantai 7. helmikuuta 2011

Hello again

Hello again, sorry for not posting for a couple of days, i just bought portal and been playing it like crazy. Also had to do some shoveling, the snow dropped from the roofs the other day, and i have been quite busy taking care of that.  Let's see what else... Ive been catching up on my favourite TV-series and i think im developing an addiction ;) Anyway i would just like to say thanks to all the followers listening to my ramblings, i feel honoured that you would spend time reading my blog.

perjantai 4. helmikuuta 2011


Lately i have been interesting in coding, programming, and  making games and such, nothing major just for fun. Anyone code here, and if so what language?

keskiviikko 2. helmikuuta 2011

This day was rather boring, in that nothing of notice really happened (genious) . Just went to school listened to the good old "discussion" of why students can't smoke, why studying is important ( not that im saying it isn't important) etc etc... Sometimes i wonder what really has happened since every subject these days is about what the students do wrong and what the teachers do wrong. It was so much easier back in the day when we just sat in class and studied, no one trying to "one-up" the teacher and the teachers just reading a magazine or something.  but now not to sound like a  little girl whining on the internet, I started watching "the mentalist" season 1, and i must admit it's nothing like i was lead to believe, Just goes to show not to judge a book by it's cover... i was told that the main character, Patrick Had almost a supernatural power to spot lies, which i found wasn't true at all. I found his reasoning legitimate and the show explained in great detail how it got to the solutions of the cases. I think the show is definitely worth a watch, if not to enjoy your self, then just kill time when bored. other things i did today... Let's see i watched spoonys (http://spoonyexperiment.com/2011/02/01/ultima-7-the-black-gate-review/) Review of Ultima 7: the black gate. I thought the review was funny and more like the old material like Final Fantasy VIII review.

maanantai 31. tammikuuta 2011

The eternal quest to kill time

killing time has been an all time favorite activity for me, but i am starting to run out of enjoyable material such as TV series etc. I'm thinking that maybe i should read books. any suggestions on books or whatever to kill time with?