tiistai 22. helmikuuta 2011

hello again, again

hello again, i was gone for a while because of schoolwork, but i wont go deeper into that subject.
I started Playing diablo II: Lord of Destruction again, and i think it gets better the more you play it
 Can't wait for diablo III, and damn you blizzard for taking my soul!
Question of the day : do you still have your soul?

10 kommenttia:

  1. love diablo, the third one will hopefully be badass!

  2. my roommate is all about this game!!

  3. I remember playing a demo of Diablo (can't remember if it was 1 or 2) many years ago on my Windows 98 PC. I definitely enjoyed what I played but never bought the full games.

  4. best game of all time, so addictive... yeah d3 will be great =)